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About the brand Suminat 100

Suminat 100 is brand of Sumatriptan having a place with class of medications called triptans by Sun Pharmaceuticals in India

About the medication Suminat 100

Suminat 100 is medication of decision for headache assaults or bunch cerebral pains. It works by causing vasoconstriction and in this manner decreasing the seriousness of headache assaults or group migraine assaults. Suminat 100 having Sumatriptan has a place with class of medications called triptans.

US Brands identical to Suminat 100

A few brands are accessible in US for a similar salt of Suminat 100. These are, Imitrex, Zecuity, Sumavel Dosepro, Onzetra Xsail

Employments of medication Sumatriptan, the salt in Suminat 100

Suminat 100 has utilization as Antimigraine tranquilize. It is utilized for Cluster Headaches, Migraine, Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome, New every day persistant cerebral pains

How Suminat 100 functions ?

Suminat 100 is mostly 5 HT 1 receptor agonist. Since it is Serotonin receptor agonists, it causes vasoconstriction specifically territories of the body. Subsequently it helps in decreasing the cerebral pains and headache assaults

Producer of Suminat 100

Suminat 100 is fabricated by Sun Pharmaceuticals in Strength of 100 mg in India

Quality and Dosage of Suminat 100

Suminat 100 having Sumatriptan has quality of 100 mg of sumitriptan


Portion will be taken as recommended by the specialist. It’s a physician recommended prescription henceforth will not be taken with counseling with your specialists

Step by step instructions to take Suminat 100

Suminat 100 will be taken orally. The tablet will be taken with full glass of water with or without sustenance.

Reactions or Adverse impacts

Reactions related with the utilization of Suminat 100 incorporate, Nausea, Vomiting, shivering sensation, Vertigo and so on.

To what extent suminat 100 be proceeded?

Take Suminat 100 as long as it has been recommended by your specialist. Don’t over portion yourself with the given medication

Over portion SideEffects or Adverse impacts of Suminat 100

Over portion Side impacts related with utilization of Suminat 100 incorporate sulfhemoglobinemia, an uncommon condition in which rbc’s turn darn greenish dark. Genuine cardiovascular occasions have been recorded with the utilization of Suminat 100.

Portion of Suminat 100 missed?

Accept the medication as coordinated by your doctor. Accept the routine when you recall you have missed the portion. Educate your specialist about it, don’t overdose yourself

Medication Interaction with Suminat 100

Regular medication communication with Suminat 100 incorporate, with,

Zolpidem, Amitryptiline, Clonazepam, Cyclobenzapyrine and so on

At the point when NOT to take Suminat 100

Suminat 100 will be evaded on the off chance that you are oversensitive to it. In the event that you have heart issues related you will abstain from taking Suminat 100

General data about Suminat 100

Suminat 100 is absolutely a physician endorsed drug, thus it will not be taken with no medicine. Overdose reactions are not kidding henceforth abstain from taking the portion more than the recommended routine.

Continuously consider your specialists counsel with respect to starting or halting the portion of Suminat 100.

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