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About the brand Rizact-5

Rizact-5 is a brand made by Cipla. It comes as tablets in quality of 5 mg.

About the medication

Rizact-5 is a medication having Rizatriptan as a functioning fixing in the quality of 5 mg. This medication is utilized for the treatment of headache cerebral pains. It very well may be taken when indications of headache emerge or after the assault has started.

US brands identical to Rizact-5

Maxalt is the medication having same salt, Rizatriptan as in Rizact-5 is accessible in United States advertise.

Employments of Rizatriptan, the salt in Rizact-5

Rizatriptan is utilized to treat headaches. It is useful in agony, cerebral pain and other headache side effects like sickness, heaving and affectability to light-solid. It alleviates torment by influencing certain nerves in the mind.

How Rizact-5 functions?

The restorative viability of Rizact depends on the way that it limits the veins to prevent the cerebrum motion from being sent to the mind and diminishes the arrival of normal substances from cerebrum that outcomes in side effects of headache. The dynamic fixing Rizatriptan is a specific serotonin agonist.

Maker of Rizact-5

Rizact-5 is fabricated by Cipla in India.

Quality and Dosage of Rizact-5

Rizact-5 has Rizatriptan in 5 mg quality.


It ought to be taken with a glass of water yet it tends to be taken with or without nourishment. Counsel the specialist before accepting the correct portion as the measurement will rely upon the patient’s age, condition and reaction towards the medication.

How to take Rizact-5?

It very well may be taken with or without sustenance and can be taken with a glass of water. Second portion can be taken following two hours of organization of first portion. Most extreme suggested dose is 30 mg after at regular intervals.

Symptoms/Adverse Effects of Rizact-5

It might cause certain symptoms like-

 Dry mouth

 Diarrhea

 Upset stomach

 Non headache cerebral pains

 Dizziness

 Drowsiness

 Fatigue

Progressively extreme reactions can be-

 Tingling or numb inclination

 Muscle torment or spasms

 Flushing

 Tremors

 Vision issues

 Difficulty relaxing

 Irregular heartbeat

Counsel the specialist on the off chance that you experience any of the previously mentioned symptoms.

To what extent Rizact-5 ought to be proceeded?

Dosages of Rizact-5 must be taken when you are feeling the indications of Migraine. Its dosages must be isolated by something like 2 hours and not in excess of 30 mg ought to be surpassed in 24 hours time.

Accept the guidance of specialist before accepting the medication as its restorative impact differs from patient to persistent.

Overdose symptoms of the Rizact-5

Try not to take more than the recommended portion. On the off chance that you have taken more than the endorsed portion, do counsel your specialist right away. Nonetheless, overdose of Rizact-5 can have the reactions like unsteadiness, laziness and spewing. Different genuine reactions due to overdose can be hypertension or cardiovascular side effects could happen.

Portion of Rizact-5 missed?

In the event that you have missed the portion, let it be. Simply take the following portion and don’t take additional portion to compensate for the missed portion. Do set up an update in your cell phone to take the portions on right time.

Medication Interactions for Rizact-5

Tell your specialist what different medications you are taking before the organization of Rizact-5 as different medications may impact in the working of Rizact-5 and specialist can deal with these medication associations. Some normal medication cooperations are with Belladonna, Bromocriptine, Citalopram, Dolasetron, Ergonovine, Almotriptan

At the point when NOT to take Rizact-5

Excessive touchiness to Rizact-5 Tablet is a contraindication. It ought not be taken on the off chance that you have the accompanying conditions:

• Coronary course illness

• Hemiplegic headache

• Hepatic or renal disability

• Children underneath 18 years old

• Ischaemic coronary illness or its manifestations

General data about Rizact-5

Rizact-5 must be utilized free sign of headache. It must be regulated under meeting of Medical expert. Its portion changes from individual to individual thus, must be taken cautiously.

Additional information

Pack Size

16 Tablet/s, 32 Tablet/s, 64 Tablet/s


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