Prosoma 500 Mg

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About the brand

Prosoma 500 is brand of Centurion labs made by same in India having salt carisoprodol

About the medication

Prosoma 500 is a skeletal muscle relaxant generally utilized for treating torments related with damage or different conditions. It is utilized to diminish from agonizing sensations in the body because of muscle damage pressure, sprain and so on

Maker of Prosoma 500

Prosoma 500 is produced by Centurion labs in India

Quality of Prosoma 500

Prosoma 500 is accessible in quality of 500 mg of Carisoprodol

US Brands proportional to Prosoma 500

Soma and Vanadom are two brands accessible in US in a similar salt of Carisoprodol

Employments of Carisoprodol, the salt in Prosoma 500

It is utilized as muscle relaxant and agony reliever with other physical techniques to ease from profound torment

How Prosoma 500 functions ?

Prosoma 500 works by obstructing the nerve sensation in explicit piece of the body and in this way diminishes the agony

The most effective method to take the medication

Take Prosoma 500 with full glass of water with or without nourishment.

Dose required

Typically the portion go from 250 to 350 mg thrice daily. Be that as it may, Consult your specialist with respect to the equivalent

To what extent Prosoma 500 ought to be proceeded ?

Since Prosoma 500 is constant framing drug, subsequently it ought to be carefully utilized in understanding to your specialists’ medicine. Try not to take Prosoma without your specialists’ recommendation.

Portion missed of Prosoma 500

Educate your specialist about the missing portion, anyway take the portion promptly when you recall you have missed the portion. Try not to take the missed portion, if the ideal opportunity for next portion is close. Abstain from being over dosed with Prosoma 500

Medication Interactions with Prosoma 500

Aggregate of 698 medication associations have been noted with the utilization of Prosoma 500. Basic medication collaborations related with Prosoma 500 incorporate esomeprazole, celecoxib, pregabalin, duloxetine, zolpidem, salmetrol, acetaminophen, montelukast, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D3, alprazolam and so on

At the point when NOT to take Prosoma 500

Abstain from taking Prosoma 500 in the event that you are adversely affected by any of the constituents present in the medication

Reactions or unfavorable impacts related with Prosoma 500

Reactions related with Prosoma 500 incorporate sluggishness and sedation. Opposite reactions incorporate cerebral pain and wooziness.

Overdose Side impacts of Prosoma 500

Propensity shaping is the most significant overdose symptoms related with overdosage of Prosoma 500

General Information with respect to utilization of Prosoma 500

Prosoma 500 is propensity framing drug. Henceforth its utilization will be limited to specialists’ medicine as it were. Try not to accept it without specialists’ recommendation.

Try not to stop and begin the admission of Prosoma 500 without specialists’ recommendation.


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