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About the brand Proscalpin

Proscalpin the brand of Fortune medicinal services, and is fabricated by same in India

About the medication

Proscalpin is medication of decision for male pattern baldness or sparseness in men. Finasteride is the significant fixing present in Proscalpin and reestablishes the male pattern baldness. It is type II 5 reductase inhibitor.

US brands proportionate to Proscalpin

Proscar and Propecia are the accessible brands in finasteride salt in US

Employments of medication Finasteride the salt in Proscalpin

1. MPB: It is fundamentally utilized for treating male example hairlessness. Finasteride is utilized to hinder the procedure of male pattern baldness.

How Proscalpin functions

Finasteride is predominantly type – II 5-reductase inhibitor. In this manner, it is inhibitor of 5-alpha reductase. 5 alpha reductase is protein which changes testosterone into dihydrotestosterone which results in follicle passing. Hair follicles once dead can’t develop hair once more. In this manner Proscalpin works by repressing this catalyst and moderates the procedure of hair hairlessness.

Maker of Proscalpin

It is produced by Fortune medicinal services in qualities of 1 mg.

Quality and Dosage of Proscalpin


Proscalpin has the dynamic fixing in 1 mg quality


Measurements relies on specialists discussion. Consequently, take the medication portion as coordinated by your doctor

How to take the medication?

Take one tablet with full glass of water once every day.

Antagonistic impacts or reactions of Proscalpin

Antagonistic impacts run from

• Headaches,

• Dizziness

• Weakness

• Swelling of feet, hands or bosom

To what extent Proscalpin ought to be proceeded?

Take the medication for right around 8 to a year. Counsel your specialist when to stop the medication. Your specialist will advise you about the conceivable changes in measurements or when to suspend.

Overdose symptoms of Finasteride or Proscalpin

• Overdose symptoms shifts between patients to patients. Be that as it may, general overdose symptoms are, ineptitude, loss of enthusiasm for sex, or inconvenience having a climax;

• abnormal discharge;

• swelling in your grasp or feet;

• swelling or delicacy in your bosoms;

• dizziness, shortcoming;

• feeling like you may go out;

• headache;

• runny nose

Missed Dose

Never over portion yourself. In the event that you have skirted the portion, go for next timeframe for next medication.

Take just a single medication once per day.

Any conceivable medication connections with Proscalpin

No conceivable medication collaboration exists with the medication of any clinical significance.

At the point when NOT to take Proscalpin

On the off chance that you are adversely affected by any of the constituents present in the medication, if it’s not too much trouble abstain from taking Proscalpin. Advise your specialist and do as coordinated by your doctor.

General data about Proscalpin

Counsel specialist if hypersensitive responses happen while admission of medication.

Illuminate specialist on the off chance that you under prescription regarding different medications.

Additional information

Pack Size

30 Tablet/s, 60 Tablet/s, 90 Tablet/s


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