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About the brand Bimat

Bimat is brand of Ajanta pharmaceuticals and made by same in India

About the medication Bimat

BIMAT (0.03 %) is medication of decision for Glucoma (Open Angle Glucoma particularly) and dragging out the development of eyelashes. BIMAT Eye drops contain Bimatoprost, which is for the most part a prostaglandin simple. It is utilized basically for two conditions which are, Open-edge glaucoma and to treat hypotrichosis.

US brands identical to Bimat

Lumigan is brand accessible in US having same salt bimatoprost.

Employments of Drug Bimat

1. Open-point glaucoma: Glaucoma is a gathering of sicknesses related with an eye of an individual. The most well-known sort of Glaucoma is Open edge glaucoma which is effortless condition results into loss of vision and perpetual visual impairment. In open point glaucoma ordinarily intraocular weight builds which results into vision misfortune. BIMAT helps in decreasing the intra-occular weight in this manner treating open point glaucoma.

2. Hypotrichosis: Hypotrichosis is condition which causes debilitated hair development or loss of hair in the locale of the body. Amid use by patients, it was discovered that BIMAT eye drops helps in rebuilding of the hair in eye district which are predominantly eye lashes.

Working of the medication Bimat

Bimatoprost the primary fixing in BIMAT Eye drops for the most part helps in opening up the blocked diverts in eye locale seepage instrument. At the point when the waste channels of eye gets opened, the intraocular weight gets decreased because of surge of additional liquid in the internal locale of the eye. It is for the most part known as fluid diversion.

Producer of Bimat

The medication in 0.03 % focus in arrangement type of 3 ml is fundamentally produced by Ajanta pharma.

Quality and measurement type of Bimat

BIMAT is accessible in compartment in scope of 3 ml.

.03 mg/ml is quality of the BIMAT arrangement.

Try not to take this medication on the off chance that you,

• Are wearing Contact focal points. Evacuate contact focal points earlier utilizing the BIMAT arrangement eye drops. Use contact focal points following 2 hours term of utilization of arrangement in your eye.

• Are susceptible to bimatoprost.

• Have eye inconvenience.

• Headache

• Pregnant or wanting to get pregnant

The most effective method to take the medication ?

The drops will be connected with alert in an eye once at once. Make a pocket in eye utilizing your Index finger by pulling the lower eye top. Put one drop of eye in the pocket and close the eye and open it to spread the medication in complete eye district. Utilize just a single drop in multi day and do as coordinated by the specialist.

With the end goal of hypotrichosis, apply the drop with instrument with alert over the base of the eye lashes, predominantly connected over the upper eyelashes area.

What to do on the off chance that you missed the portion ?

On the off chance that you have missed the portion, don’t freeze. Go for next portion, skirt the missed portion time. Never over portion yourself.

Antagonistic Effects

Following are the antagonistic impacts utilizing the BIMAT eye drops.

• Drying of Eye

• Watering Eyes

• Itchy eyes

• Eye inconvenience

• Burning sensation in eye

• Vision changes

• Blurred vision

To what extent it ought to be proceeded?

Bimatoprost Ophthalmic arrangement 0.03 % will be taken once in multi day. It ought to be rehashed more than once every day. Your specialist will illuminate you complete data on the most proficient method to take the medication, when to take the medication, and upto what time. Counsel your specialist for more data.

Overdose reactions

Right now no data on overdosage exists for the medication. The medication is still in Clinical preliminaries, still antagonistic responses to the medication is being considered.

Missed Dose issues

At the point when portion is missed, accept it when you review to take it. Be that as it may, skirt the portion, if its nearly time to take next portion. Never overdose yourself. For additional data contact your specialist, at the earliest opportunity.

Any conceivable medication Interactions

There are relatively few investigations accessible to report sedate associations with BIMAT (Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution 0.03 %). Be that as it may, till date two medication cooperations have been accounted for with the medication, these are,

Iatanoprost ophthalmic and Topical bimatoprost arrangement


BIMAT Eye drops are not made for all patients. The medicine relies on patients to patient and individual to individual.

Evacuate contact focal points before use of eye drops in eye.

Counsel specialist if any antagonistic impacts results in.

Pigmentation: The medication has been accounted for to cause pigmentation changes in the body of the client. Often observed pigmentations have been accounted for in iris, periorbital tissue, and eyelashes.

Eyelashes Changes: The medication may step by step change eyelashes and vellus hair in treated eyes.

Intraocular Inflammation

Macular Edema

Bacterial Keratitis

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